Mighty Men

by Rhyme N Rhythm (RNR)

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New Track recorded with Bobby Ferrari at Vegas View Recording Studios. Mastered by grammy winner Gavin Lurssen. Featuring Steven Raper (guitar) and DJ Shanestream.


I am a mic leviathan
You really want to fight again
or lost up in the wilderness
and wandered in the lions den
I lay ya low like vicodin
my sword arm holds a writing pen
defeating all my enemies
we the mightiest of might men

The Mightiest of Mighty Men
The Mightiest of Mighty Men

Defeating all my enemies we the Mightiest of Mighty Men


Bob Cane:
Say my name then a flash of lightning
Thunder roars then event horizon
Flashes of light fly out of a pen
whenever my name someone is writing
flash in your eyes you open them
and i suggest you close them tightly
no matter where
If i am there
expect solar flares for your enlightenment

I hit em with that magic spit they asking "how you do that?"
Tap your girl on the ass real quick
cause she said that I can do that
I only speak with honesty
I'm simply stating true facts
That's why I put my heart and soul and mind up in this music
And that's why
They call me Jerry Copperfield
And the ladies they go crazy tell me Jerry Cop A Feel
In a minute we gon blow up call me Jerry Cop a Deal
And you know I'm celebrating when RNR appears

Pre Hook:
Then the torture begins again over and over again
over and over and over and over again
til I have finished them (Freddy Tiff)
Then the toruture begin again over and over again
over again, over and over and over and over
till I have finished them. (A1ne)


Verse 2

Bob Cane:
My veins are pumping lithium
world change is our curriculum
yall the same and we sick of them
and we came to get rid of them

No might moves ya mighty mouse
ya can't get high and mighty now
when you say might
it's not bout strength
but a passive form of expressing doubt

Bob Cane:
No need for your ass to start stepping out
or your the bones in ya chest will start stepping out

We come from the league of the meanest emcees

Bob Cane:
Leaving ya bodies in sections now
Bet you can't walk that walk or talk that talk
or walk where them killers about
sooner than later they'll figure your out
Turn you to vapor on your own acount

They Mighty Men?

Bob Cane: Try Again

Minute Men, we fighting em
A minute to slay
pretending emcees
so foolish to step in the lions den

Bob Cane:
The lions I and I am him

They've placed at risk they life and limb
A battle of wits
they cannot win
First blood is the moment opponents will end





released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


RNR Las Vegas, Nevada

4 MCs + Bass + Keys + Drums.

A genre and boundary breaking band, RNR has opened for many acts, opened many doors, and hopes to create new ones for Las Vegas Hip-Hop and the entire music scene. The group of 8 members bring to the table their own studies and experiences, musical and otherwise. Unsurprisingly, the RNR sound is hard to define, but at the core is pure hip-hop. ... more

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